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The Logo Project

Here's your chance to design a logo for our club!

The current plan is to select a logo (by popular vote) probably at the January meeting - so you have lots of time.

Since the logo will appear on the webpage, it ultimately needs to be in digital format.  Perhaps the easiest way to create a logo, if you have a computer and internet access, is to use a free logo creation app online such as,,,, (and many others).  If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator or other professional tools, you're welcome to use those, too!

If you'd prefer to design a logo by sketching on paper, cutting and pasting, scrapbooking or other craft techniques, here are some ideas for getting your creation in digital format:

- Take a picture of your logo creation with your smart phone and email it to yourself

- Save the picture from your email to your computer desktop (or convenient folder location)

- Download a free image editing app to edit your picture (resize, crop, scale, format, etc.)

- Perhaps team up with another GCWT member who is computer savvy

Have some fun using whatever creation method works best for you.

Submissions need to be 512 x 512 pixels in .png or .jpg format and have a transparent background if your logo is not rectangular.  It is suggested that you try scaling your logo to 128 x 128 pixels and 64 x 64 pixels to make sure it still looks great. (Detail will be lost depending on the resolution of the viewer's device and on automatic scaling in the webpage.)

Submit your candidate logo by email no later than January 15, 2024 (of course, the earlier the better).

Send to:

Subject: GCWT logo

Submissions in proper format will be included in the gallery below.

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